Monday, February 7, 2011

Exposing the Lies, Accepting the Truth, and Experiencing Healing

Many of the women and men who have been hurt by abortion, which is the #1 moneymaker of Planned Parenthood, have come to those of us who are praying for an end to abortion in order to share their stories about what happened to them, how it's affected them, etc. A major part of our ministry, prayer coverage, and practical support is in providing healing from the hurt they've experienced as a result of a choice they made.
Now many women who have had abortions and who later came to aid in performing abortions have experienced profound transformations when they've been honest with themselves and others about what they were thinking, feeling, what others did and said to them, what they chose, and what it's been like since that choice. I was thoroughly amazed by the courage of the women and girls, scientists, lawyers, and civil rights activists who speak out in the documentary BloodMoney.
There are few people whose testimonies and experiences with Planned Parenthood are more powerful than those who have had an abortion, worked in a clinic where they've led others to have abortions and/or assisted in the procedure itself, and have since seen the Truth about the sanctity of life.      No one wants to be lied to. No one wants to be told that what they experienced and have felt isn't valid. Well, many who are coming forward now, some whose stories I've heard because we're close friends, are proving to be incredible wounded healers once they've received the forgiveness God wants to give them for their sin.
I know that any time in my life when I've been open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, that the Lord has continued to show me the lies I have believed that have caused me pain as well as hurt others. I'm never going to have it all figured out. I'm always going to be in need of mind renewal this side of heaven. That being said, there are some Truths that I have experienced in such profound ways through the grace of God, that I've been completely transformed from the inside out.
Lies and deception are the devil's playground. They are where he operates. If each of us acknowledges that we don't have all the answers, but that God's Divine Truth supersedes all of our thoughts, arguments, and experiences to the contrary, then we realize the only way to discover the Truth and even attempt to live in it is to be willing to allow Him to replace our lie-based thinking, in every and all areas of our lives.
This reminds me of one of my favorite Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir songs which includes the lyrics: "we are not fighting flesh and blood, but principalities of the dark." What needs to be exposed most goes way deeper than Planned Parenthood or abortion, it goes much deeper than individuals, it can be traced back to basic lies that we have believed about God, humanity, how we're to treat one another, and what is truly good versus evil.
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