Thursday, November 10, 2016

21 Days of Thankfulness: My Photographic Attitude of Gratitude Project (Day 7) Loved Ones Who Make Me Laugh-a-Lot

This is my uncle Dave Niermeyer making faces at our rehearsal dinner.
From what I've heard and seen, he was probably the goofiest
of the four Niermeyer brothers and the most likely to get into trouble.  I'm
quite astounded they ever let another Niermeyer on the St. John Fisher
College campus after my uncle Dave went there. 

DAY 7: Loved Ones Who Make Me Laugh-a-Lot

There are a number of people in my life who have made me laugh quite often.  Those pictured here are the ones that stick out right now, but I know there are many more who have helped a fairly serious girl like me loosen up.
This photo taken at our wedding reception September 2004 is of my dad
with his three older brothers: Rich, Bob, Dave, and my dad (James Niermeyer).
The Fab Four were notorious from an early age for their pranks, practical jokes,
and the great lengths they'd go to in order to get a laugh.
Holly Moskowitz and I became best friends in high school
when we were lined up next to each other for gym class.
We endured the torture together and have been good friends
ever since.  Holly has always had a knack for making me laugh
with all of the silly and crazy things she's done on purpose
and completely by accident.
Naturally, one of the things that attracted me to Kevin
early on in our relationship was his wonderful sense of humor.
We'd been joking about the possibility of dressing up
as characters from the movie Men in Black, but when
Kevin thought of spray-painting a water gun to make
it look like one of the "flashy things" to erase people's memories
after they'd had an alien encounter, we couldn't resist.
Laura, Jeff, Kevin, John, and I always had a great deal of fun whether
sharing a meal at Famous Dave's or gathering at the Stapleton's for their annual
Friends Thanksgiving or an impromptu game night, we'd have a great deal of fun.

Above from left to right are: Sharon, Candy, Me, Barb, Christine, and Sandy.
After making a Cursillo weekend in June 2006, some of us banded together to form
a group reunion.  We added new members as others moved on, but this was the
group of lovely ladies who I met in the upper room of Ukrop's on Tuesday
evenings each week to talk about the upcoming readings, pray, and encourage each other.
We had some really serious discussions, but we also laughed a great deal of the time!
All of the children for whom I have nannied have cracked me up many times.
"My two little guys" were a constant source of amusement!
Kevin's sisters and their main men always entertain us with their antics.  Our
visits to Rochester and stays at the cottage are hilariously enhanced by
their ongoing banter, wordplays, and good-natured harassment.

My friend Michele has always been able to make
me smile and often burst out laughing.  She gets herself
into some of the most hysterical situations and has a very
unique way of looking at and interacting with the world.
These fabulous five people have brought a great deal
of joy and laughter into our lives.  Carl, Jess,
and their daughters (three silly sisters for whom I used to nanny)
never cease to amaze and amuse us with their
stories, observations, and interactions.
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