Friday, November 4, 2016

21 Days of Thankfulness, Napkin Notes, and My Own Photographic Attitude of Gratitude Project

The truth is none of us really know how long we have to live.

You might recognize the man in the above video.  Why is that?

Garth Callaghan, who is now widely-known for the promise he made to his daughter, Emma, that has become an international best-selling book Napkin Notes.  (I've met Garth and spoken with him in person, and I regularly see he and his family because we're both members of the same parish.)  I can attest to the fact that he's a pretty joyful, humble, down-to-earth kind of guy.  His love for his daughter Emma and the unique daily way of connecting with her through handwritten notes he put in her school lunches turned into some more significant when he was diagnosed with cancer.  Read the rest of his story in his published book or check out his website.  Click here to read my review of Napkin Notes and order your copy from Amazon.

I'm excited about participating in the 21 Days of Thankfulness challenge for a number of reasons. To say it's been a rough few months for my husband and me would be a ridiculous understatement at this point as you will likely concur if you have read this blog post about my initial ER visit in August, or this one regarding my husband's new job and the school he was attending closing, or even this one. I've written about a handful of factors contributing to our crazy adventures of late, but it's likely going to take me months to process all that's gone on, much less put it into a written form I'd be willing to share on such a public forum.

In the meantime, I figure Garth Gallaghan's idea of doing 21 Days of Thankfulness is a great way to get back into the habit of writing and posting regularly.  Since I'm a photographer, thankful person, and a photographer, I figured I'd put my own spin on things and make my 21 Days of Thankfulness blog posts include a photograph or two, maybe even a collage, or some of my other artwork as well as someone or something for whom or for which I am grateful.

For an explanation of how or why to do 21 Days of Thankfulness or to download your own free guide, check out Garth Callaghan's website

I've decided to use 21 Days of Thankfulness: My Own Photographic Attitude of Gratitude Project as the title for this series of my posts beginning today and going up to Thanksgiving Day.  Here's what the main image for the series will look like.  Check back for Day 1 of Thankfulness post.

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