Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Christmas Books, Traditions, & Fave Posts

Triage for Christmas Correspondence is my solution to sending everyone we know or have ever known a Christmas card with our names signed at the bottom.

We don't have kids, and neither of us really want photos of us circulating around the country via snail mail.  We are grateful for any cards and/or photos we receive.

Please try not to be offended if you don't fit the qualifications to be on our short list.  Once you read them, you'll be relieved you didn't make the list!

I had fun writing this series, a stroll down memory lane, and one that I could add a lot more to (and probably will, eventually).  

Something to think about as you're moving the elf from shelf to shelf and trying to get your kids to behave better while hopped up on lots of extra sugar. Santa Claus is Coming?
That Elf Upon the Shelf, I Will Talk to Him Myself

Making the Best of Where You Are and What You Have Now:

Christmas Plays
Christmas Play Spectacular at Little Sisters of the Poor
Rejoice and Be Glad

5 Great Nonfiction Books about the True Meaning and Significance of Christmas:
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